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Bling Designs by S is your online store for one-of-a-kind “Bling” accessories. Our line is affordable luxury for the person who loves Sexy & Sophisticated Bling!  Our iPhone covers feel like you are carrying thousands of diamonds in your hand with the loose-crystal design.  And you can add the crystal cell-phone charm to complete the look or just use it alone for a touch of Bling!  Our unique leopard-print pattern exudes luxury… on our iPhone covers, business card holders, compact mirror, pill case, purse hanger, and perfume atomizer.  Our crystal encrusted bangles come in 3 widths (thin, medium & thick) and 6 colors (leopard-print, clear white, gold, brown, rose gold, and pink).  Our famous “Bling Snap” is a clothing pin with multiple uses.  The versatility of the Bling Snap is the key to adding a touch of bling to any outfit!  You can control if you want a little or a lot of bling.  The Bling Snap is also available in the same colors as the bangles, so you can make your outfit complete with matching pieces.  And finally, our leopard lovers can enjoy our beautiful leopard figurines (available in black, white, red, gold, silver and rose gold), and etched glass picture frame, tissue box and jewelry boxes.